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Kunooz for Financial and Economic Consultancy is a company licensed by the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi and headquartered in the United Arab Emirates.
It aims to create a modern business environment based on sound foundations by providing business feasibility consulting and investing consulting about the available resources in the best way. Kunooz is always looking to be a pioneer in the field of services it provides.
Our services vary between providing detailed feasibility studies, financial consulting, corporate valuation, financial accounting services, financial management and financial modeling.

Kunooz is dedicated to serving its clients to be one of the best companies in the field of financial and economic consulting, it aims to provide its clients with advanced, practical and applicable solutions, and to be the strategic partner for investors who are looking for both quality and honesty.
Our motto is honesty, integrity, and proper scientific research to reach the best results, as we always strives to provide what exceeds the expectations of the client, with all professionalism.

Our areas of work:

Kunooz provides advisory services to all categories of the business community in terms of financial and economic aspects and prepares economic feasibility studies for small and large projects in various sectors as our main line of services.
We also perform the service of designing, analyzing, auditing, and reshaping various types of financial models for many types of deals in various sectors. We also provide services for valuing economic entities and companies in various sectors and of different sizes. We provide financial accounting services and financial management services and analyze financial performance.

Our goals:
  • Providing integrated and scientifically designed services in everything related to studying the feasibility of establishing companies or restructuring them, and providing financial advice and business solutions.
  • The relentless pursuit of applying the highest international standards in accordance with the latest new methods in all types of consulting enhances the competitiveness of our company and the complementarity of its services to our customers.
  • Establishing a long-term relationship with our clients; utilizing for this purpose all our capabilities, and long-standing consulting experience.
Our Values:
  • Professionalism: Our real success with our clients arose from our commitment to professionalism in providing our consulting services.
  • Commitment: We put our commitment to our customers in first place, and we work hard to adhere to every detail
  • Excellence: We utilize our full potential to establish a long-term relationships with our customers.

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Chief Executive OfficerClay Linden

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Lead ConsultantLydia Hull

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Deputy ConsultantAddison Redd

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More than Consulting Business

How we Work..
Our Obligation

We adopt a rigorous scientific approach; because we know the value of what we offer, as each service we provide goes through a number of stages to ensure that the result is satisfactory to the aspirations of our customers. Our practical approach proceeds according to the following:
Studying the client's needs in a detailed way, knowing the gaps and resolving them.
Present suggestions to clients with complete transparency to choose what suits them.
Execution according to a clear vision that guarantees the fulfillment of clients' desires with full accuracy.
Accurate review checks in a specialized manner with the client to ensure the quality of work.
Handing over the required work, and clarifying all the details executed for the clients.
Follow up
Follow-up in the form of after-sales services to ensure full customer satisfaction.
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Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks. Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits.

Joanna Prestley

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Justin Emerson
Applauz Startup

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    All rights reserved, Kunooz for Financial and Economic Consultancy 2023

    All rights reserved, Kunooz for Financial and Economic Consultancy 2023

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